Work, work, work

November 25, 2009

I've spent the last 5 days doing projects around the house in preparation for a house appraisal for my mortgage refinance. I'm waiting for the appraiser to get here now; he's late--15 minutes so far.
I've upgraded 2 bathroom vanity lights (think that's my 4 & 5th electrical jobs & the house hasn't burned down..yeah!), put a new faucet in my bathroom, painted my front door inside & out,the garage door trim, & 5 interior door. We bought 1200 pounds of top soil and spread that in the backyard where the deck used to be. We felt like our backs were breaking moving 30- 40lb bags of dirt around to the back yard. I've lost 31 pounds so a 40 pound bag of dirt isn't that much more. I struggled to move them. I can't imagine how great it will feel to get another 30 off and another. And last, but not least, we put up all the Christmas decorations.

Every day that I've been working in the house, I've burned a minimum of 3,300 calories. I haven't exercised in the true sense of a workout, but I've gotten lots of exercise & drank tons of water.

I'm taking today off from any activity. I'm working 12 hours tonight. Tomorrow I will resume with the workouts & use my new hanging crunch rack. I like it. I'm not able to use the pull-up bar because my ceiling is too low. The bar is right at the rafters. Oh my dream house it will be perfect :o)

Hope everyone has a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving.

Finally hit a new milestone

November 19, 2009

Yesterday I finally hit the 30 pound loss mark. It seems like it's taken forever since I was stagnate for almost 2 months. I've had a NSV as well. I purchased several shirts from Old Navy that were only XL & even a pair of workout/yoga pants and they fit. I also ordered a sweater from Lands End that was an XL & that fits too. I'm excited to wear ANY piece of clothing that isn't 2X.

I may have to put the assembly of my new equipment on hold until the weekend. I am in the process of refinancing my house (didn't realize I had a 7 yr balloon loan---seriously I have no recollection of that & my signature isn't on the copies I have of the paperwork; I think I was tricked). Anyhoo, the appraiser called about 4 times yesterday to set up a time to come out. I have a small list of things I want to get done before that happens so I'm blowing him off until this afternoon & hoping to not get the house appraised until Wednesday or next Friday.

New equipment picture

You can do hanging crunches, pull-ups, dips, and push ups (not that you need anything to do push ups, but...)
I've used one of these before and got quick & great ab results.


November 17, 09

My new piece of exercise equipment just arrive. Woo hoo. I can't wait to put it together tomorrow and get busy using it. But for now, it's off to time to enjoy it.


November 1, 2009

Halloween was just another day at my house. My son is too old for trick-or-treating so there was no costuming shopping this year. I worked Thursday night which was T-or-T night so I didn't even have to buy candy. Honestly it worked out well for the ol' diet that way.
Yesterday I stopped over at my parents' house and invited my mom to go walking with me. She was in the living room with all the suitcases and snorkeling equipment spread out all over the room. They're going to Aruba in 3 weeks. I'm so damned jealous. I LOVE Aruba and can't wait to go back. Brent & I went in 2006 and had a fabulous time. We scuba dived and it was the first time for both of us.

Anyway back to current reality...
We went to the middle school by my mom's house. There were a group of teen boys playing flag football, but I did my walk/run anyway. I guess I just don't care anymore. If my fat jiggles, it jiggles. It'll keep on jiggling until I run it all off. We only walked for 30 minutes. My mom's joints were hurting so I took her home. It was probably just her excuse to get back to packing for vacation.
What I noticed about my running yesterday is that I don't have the endurance that I should or expect that I will if I'm not hydrated. When I got home from work Friday morning, I stayed awake for an hour or so & then slept until 530pm. I got up and did some housework and laundry, but didn't drink much and ended up going back to bed around 2am. By Saturday morning, the scales said my water weight was down to 36%. I think that's the lowest it's been since I bought that scale.
I could definitely tell when I ran too. It was almost as if my muscles were all stuck together. I didn't complete a single interval yesterday. I felt like a failure. It's a great reminder to stay hydrated. It's amazing how dehydrated the body can be yet our mouths don't feel thirsty.
Time to get in a quick workout and then get ready to go visit Brent. I'm praying that I'm down to my last 3 visits in that dump. Court is on the 12th.