It's been way too long

I haven't done much of anything for myself since October of last year. I'm not sure what happened to my new lifestyle plan; I had been doing so well. But that is the past and this is now. I can only more forward from here. The good thing is that I have maintained for the most part. I've gained about 8 pounds back, but it's the physical endurance that has suffered the most.

I've reconnected with an old friend who gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to get moving. He's promised to be my cheerleader and for that, I am really grateful.
Lots of things have changed in my life this year both good and bad. I'm ready to makes those changes work to my benefit.

I've missed reading & commenting on everyone's blogs. Seriously, you all are very inspiring & motivating. I look forward to catching up with you guys soon. I doubt I will find the time to go back and read a year's worth of all the blogs I've missed since I follow so many, but I'm going to try my best.
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  1. Katie J Says:

    Duuuude! I am so glad you are here! I have been thinking about you lately! Hope all is well with you... looking forward to catching up. xoxox

  2. Ladybug Says:

    I'm back too! I have not done much of anything since the end of last years GAG Challenge! My focus this year has been my divorce. Not sure if you read that. After the holidays last year, I told my hubby I wanted to move back home. I was just tired of all the stress in our relationship. So, in May, after school got out, my daughter and I moved back to Michigan. The past week I re-joined Curves. I've not gained back but 3 lbs (it's fluctuated up to as much as 15 lbs though). I also discovered a FREE aerobics class at church. Donations only to the instructor but not required. So, between Curve's and the aerobic classes at church, I believe I will get back where I want to be. THe motivation is there right now. I need this for my new life. To increase my self esteem, my confidence, and my overall well being. Good Luck to you in getting back into the groove of things!

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