My trip to TN

Good morning all,
It’s been a while since I’ve written; although, not for lack of thinking about it. Things have just been busy. I just got back from visiting my fiancé in TN. I had every intention of getting down there early enough on Friday that I could spend a couple hours hiking/walking at the area’s state park. What is it they say? The path to hell is paved with good intentions. I was cruising along enjoying the sunshine with my windows and sunroof open & music cranked. So I get about 35 miles from my destination when I smell this horrid stench. I turned the music down to listen for something (not sure what I thought I would hear) and then started to slow down. At this point there was only one other driver even remotely close to me. As I applied the brakes, the car pretty much just went where ever it wanted. WTF is what I was thinking. I didn’t feel the tire blow or anything, but that’s exactly what it was. Actually it wasn’t a tire blowout, the entire inside portion of the tired just shredded away. Crazy!!! I managed to get the car to the shoulder of the highway without running into the guard rail.
I text my friend whom I had just been talking to on the phone. Just our luck we thought. Nothing is ever easy in our world & why should this trip be any exception to that rule. I unloaded all my crap from the trunk and got the spare tire out. Just then a truck pulled over and 2 nice guys offered to help put the donut on. They had been traveling for 2 days, but ironically the younger guy said he was from the next town up & said I could get a tire at Wally World. Within 15 minutes, I was on my way with them following behind to make sure I made it to Walmart safely. Many hours later and $150 “broker”, I was on the road again. As you might imagine, I totally lost my motivation and gumption to go hike at the park. I was hot & sweaty from sitting outside while the tire was being replaced. I just wanted some ice water & some cold air conditioning in my hotel room. That’s pretty much what I did too.
I must say though, I did eat fairly well while I was on my trip. On the way there, I munched on apple slices. I only ate fast food one time in the entire 6 days I was gone. That’s pretty good for me.
So anyway, now that I’m home, I need to kick it into high gear & get my butt back on track.
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