I can't believe what I did!!!

September 2, 2009

Last night I stayed up too late. By the time I tried to lay down & get some sleep, I could not get my mind to turn off. I tossed and turned for an hour. At 4am I decided to get up and clean the kitchen and straighten the livingroom. I closed my lil peeps at 615 and actually fell asleep, but had to get up at 650 to take my kid to school.

After dropping him off, I came home and made my list of things to do. I planned to go back to bed from 8-11am followed by a long list of errands. Yep, not much got done. I slept until 115, showered, & then it was off to pick him up from school already.

After dinner, I sooooo did not feel like working out, but since I joined the GAG challenge & I want to win something (besides a better figure), I forced myself to hit the track. I started my C25K podcast and off I went. I was feeling better once I started, but halfway through I just wasn't feeling it. I finished the 30 minutes, but only ran 3.5 of the intervals. I caught myself trying to talk myself out of NOT finishing my workout. WTF?!! My mind was telling me that my dinner was churning in my tummy and that I might have to run behind the bleachers to poop, I'm thirsty, I'm tired, I have chores to do at home. Blah, blah, blah.

Finally I just told myself to shut up and finish. Guess what? I listened to myself. Not only that, but I also decided to keep walking until I hit my calorie goal, my 10,000 steps goal, and my activity goal. I did all that. Somewhere along the way, I decided that I was going to jog & see just how far I could go.
I ran a 1/2 mile without stopping. HOLY CRAP!! I'm pretty sure I haven't run a 1/2 mile since high school. I'm really proud of myself. I actually think I could have gone a bit longer, but it was approaching 11pm and my son was with me; he has school in the morning so I stopped at 1/2 mile.

Tomorrow I will try week 3 of the C25K and more non-stop jogging. Run Forrest Run!!
I'm feelin' good tonight.
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  1. jo Says:

    Holy crap! I'm proud of you, too. WOO HOO!!!

  2. Laurie Says:

    That's soooooo great! I totally know how that feels! Both the conversations you have with yourself, and accomplishing such a huge milestone. Keep it up!!

  3. Fat[free]Me Says:

    Fantastic! Well done you!

  4. 266 Says:

    YAY!!! Congrats!

  5. Mrs. Sheila Says:

    So amazing! Go you! And what a good example your setting for your son ~ you just keep going and going!

  6. Way to go! I find myself doing that occasionally to - trying to talk myself out of finishing. But you are already out there so might as well just DO IT! Right?? So proud of you for finishing and getting it done! Yahoo!!! I love the c25k program! It's awesome!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    congrats! you are doing amazing!

  8. You know I keep looking at the phone at like...I guess it would be about 11pm-midnight your time and think "maybe I'll actually call Melanie"...then I go "nope...it's too late, don't want to bug her, especially if I'm not having a meltdown."

    PS: Way to stick to it!!!!!

  9. Kate Says:

    Run Forest Run! You are too funny! Great job today! I think most of us are here because we lack discipline on matters of food and exercise. GAG is really helping me on the follow-through too, and hopefully after 4 months of this, some habits will stick!

    btw, I love your photos for your blog page "journey" - very well put together!

  10. Melanie Says:

    Thanks girls for the wonderful words of encouragement!

  11. Melisa Says:

    Good for you!! I stayed up late last night hoping to sleep late today (gotta work overnight tonight) but here I set still blog reading at almost 930am. Dropped the kids at school almost 2hrs ago. Ugh. a nap and a workout before work would be GREAT!

    Keep it up!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Shut Up and Finish is going on my list of GAG mantras. Good work!

  13. Shelley Says:

    Fantastic on the half mile!!! Aren't you amazed at what you can do now?

  14. Katie J Says:

    Great job on changing the stinking thinking and finishing it out. You should be quite proud of yourself and what you are achieving.

  15. You are clearly committed! Keep up the great work! We are on the same GAG team BTW! Woot! Can't wait to get to know you better!

  16. Arcticmal Says:

    I think I got it to work..
    Woohoo on C25K, I am working that program as well!!
    I love it.. I stopped for a while but I am back..
    Looking forward to GAG Challenge!!!WOOHOOO!!!!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That is terrific good for you

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