I'm finally off my plateau after a month. I'm down to 243.8. I thought it was never going to move. I toyed with 244, 245, 246 for all of October. I'm glad things are moving in the right direction again.
The C25K is going fairly well. Saturday morning I went to the school and walked/ran for 55 minutes. It has been rainy here for about a week. There were TONS of worms on the track. I'm sure there are worm guts stuck in the cracks of my shoes. I'm not sure how many worm lives I ended on Saturday, but I'm feeling pretty darn good.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Congrats on breaking through the plateau! And I'm wondering if worm guts = taking your workout up a notch, thus qualifying you for extra points . . .

  2. Yeah for getting off the plateau, they really stink. I've been stuck on one and actually started gaining. I think we are on the same schedule on the C25K. I'll start Week 5 with my next run - but you said you ran/walked for 55 minutes. Are you doing extra or is there something I don't know about next week?

  3. Ladybug Says:

    Melanie, I left you something over on my blog page... A Gorgeous Blogger Award... :)

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