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October 2. 2009

Thanks GAGer girls for checking in on me this week. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I've just been working on revamping my fitness plan & such. Being as fat as I was/am, I expected to have lost more by now. I won't lie; I'm a bit disappointed.
With that being said, I took this week to amp up my exercise plan & readjust my food plan. Last week I didn't eat bad food or necessarily too much food. But I didn't log my food into the Bodybugg program. It really left me feeling out of control. Maybe some day I'll get to the point where I don't have to write down every morsel that crosses my lips, but I'm not there yet. Not by a long shot.
One of my personal drawbacks is working night shift. Even on my nights off, I often find myself staying up all night, wasting lots of valuable time. Do I work out at 3am? Hell no. I'm probably surfing the web for stupid or cute little pictures that will bring a smile to my face for 30 seconds, reading blogs, catching up on TV, doing Sudoku puzzles, or making lists of things I want to get done the next day, but never do because I've stayed up all night and then am too tired to get up before 2pm. Sometimes I really piss myself off.
I'm enjoying my C25K program. I'm taking that program super slow. I'm on week 3 & I'm going to start week 4 next week. In addition to that, I've recommitted myself to doing the Body For Life plan. I've had some success with that in the past. All the exercises are basically laid out for me so it's not like it takes a wizard to figure out what I need to be doing. Cardio & weight lifting...I can handle that. I do wish I had some hot guy to change the weights around for me between sets. That would be fun...for me at least. Sadly this is not the case; I'll have to do it myself.
This week I've done 2 days of C25K, 2 days of weight lifting, and 2- 20 minute cardio interval which is the standard cardio session for the BFL program. Right now I'm showing a 3 pound gain from yesterday. I'm not sure how that's possible when I burned over 3000 calories yesterday and ate 1500. Maybe the weight lifting/tearing the muscle thing has to do with holding onto fluid or something. As long as it's gone by Tuesday's weigh-in, it can hang around for a few days.
The other thing with the BFL program is eating 6 small meals a day. Six is hard for me, but I think I can squeeze 5 in on most days. I've noticed that I can't eat as much as I used to at one sitting. This of course is a good thing. So I've decided that the 5-6 meals might be a good thing. I'm going to focus on eating to take the edge off my hunger and not eating to "full" line. I usually overeat that way. I think my fuel gauge is broken in that respect. I've overeaten on a regular basis for so long that I don't know what is comfortably full compared to stuffed until it's too late. This is definitely something that I need to work on. I also thought that by eating like this 1) I won't overeat because there's never enough food on my plate to do that & 2) in 3-4 hours I can have something else yummy to eat.
Satisfaction without being STUFFED. That's what I'm working towards.
I think I've convinced myself to buy a captain's chair to do the hanging crunches on. I've used on in the past and it really works the abs and whittles the waistline. I'm all for getting rid of my big 'ol muffin top.

That's my week in a nutshell. Nothing earth shattering.

Hope all the GAGers and especially TEAM CUPID are having very productive weeks and meeting your mini-goals.
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  1. Good job on finding your focus and upping your work outs. I'm like you in that I stay up too late and then lack the energy to get anything done the next day. We have to remember we didn't gain in a day so we won't lose it all in a day either. Now get tracking! ;-)

  2. S. Says:

    I know just what you mean about tracking what you eat. I've been slacking on tracking lately and I notice that I eat beyond what I mean to all the time...always with the justification, "Oh, it's only a tiny bit." But without tracking I totally miss how all those tiny bits add up to one really big bit. :-(

  3. Ladybug Says:

    Great Post! Good to hear that you have been revamping your lifestyle change... Sounds like a very good plan. It's pretty close to what I was doing when I lost my 30 lbs. I'm pretty sure that this plan will help get you to where you want. Good Luck!

  4. Arcticmal Says:

    Woohoo on C25K.. I love it.. I used that to start running.. Loved the podcasts.. the music. well.. but I like having someone to tell me when to run and when I could walk!!!
    Good luck.. :) woot!

  5. C25K? Are you serious!? I love that program. I used it the first time I trained for a triathlon and then again when I did my first 'road race'.

    It sounds like you have a lot of good resources, I'm looking forward to watching you put them all together and SUCCEED!


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