October 4, 09

Here are some pictures from today. The first two are of my basement mini-gym. The next picture is of my October workout schedule. I put that one in the basement so I know what I'm doing every day and I also keep a paper version in my room. Since I'm combining 2 programs I decided it was best to write it all down. I'm totally a list-maker kind of person and if it's written down I'm more likely to do it. Last week I didn't miss any workouts.

And as the inquiring mind of Fat Free Me requested, the last picture is a weight belt update. The buckle actually touches now. Wooo Hooo. Just a few more inches and I should be able to wear it again.

As for my food, I'm eating between 1300-1600 calories/day. I don't think I'm going into starvation mode especially since I've changed up my eating plan. I'm now eating 5-6 small meals a day. This morning when I weighed myself the scale is on it's way down again. I think it was all the weight lifting thing.

Thanks everybody for checking in on me.
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  1. Ladybug Says:

    Good to hear that you are getting enough calories in... when you mentioned you weren't eating enough calories to cause the weight gain, that was what I thought you meant... that the calorie intake was low. Good to see that they scale is moving down now... with the change in routine (switching to 5-6 smaller meals versus 3 larger ones) confuses the body so that could be a part of it...and the gain of muscle is another reason... Keep the tape measure handy as that is sometimes a better way to see progress... Good luck with your continued journey.

  2. Arcticmal Says:

    I think it is awesome that you have posted your workout schedule, I has just put on my blog, that I wanted to work out a schedule.. well I am not sure it said all that, but I do know I wanted to make one, so I know what I am doing....
    Good stuff.. on making a plan... hope you have a great day

  3. I like your workout room and chart. Charts are fun. I haven't actually made a workout plan, I've just been doing it when I have time, which is never. Thank you for the inspiration, now that I realize I need to make a schedule maybe this will help me start going down instead of up.

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