Tired, but less sore

Oct 3, 2009

Thursday I did my BFL lower body weight lifting work out. I think I mentioned before that I have had delusional thoughts that under all this fat that my leg muscles are still strong. Yeah...not so much. In high school, I could squat 450 lbs on the stationary squat machine. Thursday I couldn't even complete 60 lunges with 10 lb weight in my hands. Like a complete bonehead I did the weights before my cardio...big mistake. The BFL program is only 20 minutes of interval cardio and I wanted to cry the last 5 minutes.
I can only recall being this sore one other time in my life. That time my brother killed me on the leg press machine at the gym. The day after that I had to scoot down the steps on my butt because my legs were too sore to support my weight to make the bending motion necessary to complete a step. It was very sad. I don't work out with my brother anymore.
I'm normally not sore on the day of working out, but Thursday I was and lucky me, I worked Thursday night. Oh what a joy to run up and down the hall to tend to the call lights that went off a bazillion times that night. I swear people in a hospitals NEVER sleep. Seriously, you really need a pack up Nutter Butter cookies at 3am?? Anyhoo, Friday was absolutely miserable in the leg pain department. I almost fell off the toilet at work when I tried to stand up to pull my pants up. That could have turned ugly in a second.
Today I'm feeling much better. I'm comfortably sore which is acceptable. Tonight is my C25K running night and upper body weights. It's already 9pm. I better get crack-a-lackin'.

Oh, and on the weight issue, my weight has gone up even more..5-6 pound gain since Thursday. I know this is physically impossible to be true because I haven't even eaten enough calories for this to be possible. It better be inflammation or water weight from lifting weights.
Has anyone experienced this issue when starting a weight lifting program? My quadriceps feel like rocks, but I KNOW I didn't gain muscle like that overnight. Input? Suggestions? Advice? Anybody? Anybody?
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  1. Ladybug Says:

    Hey way to go on the BFL workouts... I love the feel of strength training...well, not initially, but once you get the muscles toned, tight, and not sore all the time, I love the tightness of them...especially in the abs.

    I was SHOCKED at how much strength my legs can withhold. I think that has a lot to do with my "previous" job of working in Sears receiving moving heavy things around for so long... I was doing the Hip Abduction and Hip Adduction machines at the base gym and it was set at like 115 lbs and it was TOO easy... 145 was almost too easy but I didn't want to push that either...LOL

    As for the continued weight gain... you mentioned that your calories are low... your body may be going into starvation mode and holding on to calories. Your body requires you to eat at least 1200 calories per day... never less than that. If you are doing lots of strength training, try adding in a protein shake or something high in protein after your workout...within 2 hours from it...and a bit of protein before a workout too.

    good luck! You can do it!

  2. jo Says:

    Well, I'm lifting but not with the intensity you are. Yet my FIRM tapes are still full of squats and lunges. The thing is? I think I'll be lucky to lose a half pound this week. My muscles are developing, I can see them, feel them--it's amazing, but the scale isn't being kind.

    My husband reassures me that my scale number may be weird for a few weeks then the losses will start showing. He tells me I'm gaining muscles and that the muscles are holding water. I'm trying not to worry about it because the scale is but one measure, and I can *see* changes in my body--changes for the better. So give it time, I think it will level out.

    And please, be careful on the toilet! lol I actually had a visual when I read that.

  3. Arcticmal Says:

    I have noticed the same thing with my running, the scale isn't moving the way I am thinking it should.. I mean the lbs are going down, but not as much as I thought, however I believe I am toning, as a pair of jeans that I have that were fitting are now loose, that I can take them off without undoing them.. The fact that you aren't eating a lot of calories, your body might be in starvation mode and hanging on to every little bit. I agree with ladybug, I would try adding some more protein and maybe compensating with more cals..

    What week of C25K are you on?

  4. Fat[free]Me Says:

    You are doing so well - how is that belt fitting now, I ask?

    Think it could well be water retention causing the weird weight thing. Don't forget to eat plenty of protein!

  5. Mrs. Sheila Says:

    I too do a short cardio session, and try to focus more on strength training. I am soon going to also allow myself to soak in the hot tub every SINGLE day! I despise cooler weather, and even here in the Texas it gets cold (for me). The warm sultry hot tub at the gym is always nice! I do that for me though ` not for my weightloss LOL! Hey, I gotta be selfish somehow! HA HA HA

  6. S. Says:

    I've definitely things about folks starting weight lifting regimes and gaining. Your muscles apparently retain water when you first start really pushing them...?

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