Getting back to exercising

Friday I dragged my son to the park to play tennis with me. Although it was fun, I was super self-conscious the entire time. I recently went through my closet and removed all the clothes that are too tight right now. Needless to say, that didn't leave much of a selection. I hadn't done laundry so the pants I wanted to wear, weren't clean. I ended up wearing a pair of light gray gym pants that really weren't suitable for public display. Every dimple in my butt and all the cottage cheese bumps on my thighs showed through the pants. It was embarrassing, but at least I got out there and am working towards my goals.
I'm really looking forward to getting back into a weight-lifting routine. That's what makes me feel awesome. I love that I can see my progress as I'm able to lift more weight or do more reps. My other fitness goal is to build up to running. Right now my fiance' is living out-of-state. I would love to be able to surprise him by being able to run with him when he moves back with me. He would be blown away and I would feel accomplished. If those people on the Biggest Loser show can run and they're bigger than I am, I should be able to build up to that too.
Is there anyone out there who began running as a big person? Any tips to get started? Your plan?
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  1. Chubby Chick Says:

    Congrats on the tennis workout! I used to enjoy TRYING to play tennis... lol... but I haven't done that for years. I got hubby tennis rackets and tennis balls for his birthday last year... but we still haven't played! I really need to drag him out onto the court and just do it!

  2. MondayIsHere Says:

    You definitely do! I had a great time playing aside from the pants I was wearing. Seriously...I won't do that again. I felt like I was constantly trying to pull my shirt down over my rear.
    In 2006 my fiancee' and I went to Aruba. A few times in the morning before it got scorching hot, we would get out there and play for an hour or so. We were sweating like pigs on that court, but had such a good time. We made up our own rules (because neither of us knows the real scoring system). It was a blast. Go for it and have fun!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I started running as a completely unfit person. I took it slow slow slow. Luckily I live near a nice rubbery track which helps a lot. I really don't recommend running on pavement or asphalt... way to jarring on the knees and joints! In any case, I started with 2 laps walking/running and worked my way up.

    My recommendation is to make a running schedule 7 days at a time. For the first 6 days just to run/walk as far as your body allows and then on the 7th day, really try to push yourself towards a specific goal. So for the first "cycle" make your last day goal to run 1/4 mile, then the 4th "cycle," a 1/2 mile and so on and so forth. Not exactly scientific, and the number of days in your "cycle" is really up to you. This is just what I'M doing, and I find it worked for me.

    Good luck!

  4. MondayIsHere Says:

    Thank you for the advice and suggestions. I will try that & see how it goes.

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