Lifting Weights

Last right around midnight, I decided to lift weights. Why that late? I have no idea. I guess because I work night shift & I was up anyway (and still am at 4am).
I've lifted weights off and on since high school, mostly off as you might have guessed or else I wouldn't look like this. I do enjoy that feeling that comes with lifting. It gives me a little high each time I can lift a little more weight or do one more rep than I did the time before. Last night I worked on upper body. Since it was my first time lifting in quite a long time, I didn't go all out trying to bust a gut or anything. I used weights that were slightly challenging at the end of the set, but certainly I could have lifted heavier weight or done more reps. I didn't want to wake up today with my arms so sore that I couldn't lift my toothbrush though. I'm just going to ease back into the groove of things.
After lifting, I did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. I did the heart course since that what I feel I need to build up first. I need some stamina! I even broke a little sweat. I thought that was cool because I don't usually sweat very much. After years of a sedentary life, even my sweat glands are too lazy to produce sweat. Ha ha!.
Right before I started writing this post, I weighed myself. I'm now at 269; that's 3 pounds total since last week when I started. I'll take that for now.
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