The start of my journey

Although my blog is called Melanie's Monday, ironically I'm starting it on a Thursday. I don't want to wait for another Monday to come...and go and not start my diet again. I decided to create a blog to write about my weight issues & the journey of weight loss which I'm starting now. It seems tomorrow never comes for me; I make some excuse as to why I can't start my "diet" or get my butt off the couch. No more excuses!
My goal for this blog is to find other people who are on their weight loss/fitness journey and offer support for one another. I know that I need the support to be successful. I need people who understand my struggles, triumphs, disappoints, & goals. Hopefully along the way, I will be able to inspire others to reach their goals as well. Many years ago I promised myself that I would never pay someone else to make me lose this weight ever again. I have stood firm to my word on that point, but not the one about getting into action to lose all this weight.
I have the knowledge required to assemble a healthy eating plan for myself as well as plenty of gym equipment in my basement; all I have to do now is actually USE it. What a novel concept! Why have I waited this long to get back on track? If I had not let myself get this fat and out of shape, perhaps I could have literally kicked my own butt. That's currently out of the question so I'm counting on all of you to be my virtual butt-kickers for now.

Let the journey begin.

Tomorrow I will post a little background about myself and the dreaded starting weight. Ugh! I hate being the fat girl.
It's approaching the midnight hour so I will close for tonight & get some rest so I will be ready to work out in the morning.

Wish me luck & success as I do for you. Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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