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I haven't had a Fiber One product that I haven't liked yet. I absolutely love this cereal. I think the yogurt is good too, but it isn't my favorite yet just due to the limited flavor choices.
For a breakfast treat on-the-go, the Fiber One pop tarts are yum. I've tried every flavor--all of them are good.
The Fiber One bars are tasty too. Oddly enough, the peanut butter ones are my favorite. I'm not even a big fan of peanut butter flavored things, but these are awesome. I actually pick this flavor over the chocolate which says a lot because I can be a chocoholic.

Here's the bread/bun thing I mentioned in an earlier blog. They're very good too.
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  1. Chubby Chick Says:

    I've tried all the Fiber One cereals, a few of the Fiber One bars, and all the Fiber One yogurts. I absolutely LOVE the cereal! I eat a bowl every day for a snack. And I eat the yogurt almost every day, too. I especially love the vanilla... and I add 1/2 c. blueberries and 1/8 c. chopped walnuts to it for a nice little snackie. I like the strawberry and lime, too... but those are the only 3 flavors I've seen. I hope they come out with more flavors soon!

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