I've been using my Bodybugg for 4 solid days now. I love what it does for me. I feel more in control of every morsel that I put in my mouth or even that I THINK of eating. It definitely helps me resist temptations because I see it immediately how it's going to show up on my results for the day.
HOWEVER, I think I was sent a defective BB. Today I put it back on after my shower and the display on the watch thingy said that it needed synced and also set up. I already set it up 4 days ago so what the H? I pressed the button on the BB to get it to luck.
I didn't wear it for a few hours today & when I got back to the hotel to download whatever info was in there for the day, it wouldn't download the info---some error and call tech support which is only available M-F. This totally sucks ass.
I hope this isn't a common problem with the BB. I will be sorely disappointed. Let it just be a fluke.
Wednesday I was wearing it during my workout on the elliptical. The BB and the calories burned listed on the elliptical were only about 50 calories different. I was impressed that the elliptical was that accurate. I think ones said ~425 and the other 475.
So for now, I'm sad my BB isn't working. Hopefully they can overnight me a new one on Monday.
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  1. Yeah. Mine has zero problems. You must have a problem. Don't let them give you any shit because these things are hardy!!

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