A waste of make-up

June 17, 2009

This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with dieting, but I thought I would share it because it’s just jacked up. I have a good friend in the Pittsburgh area who is using Match.com to try to meet some great guy. She has been talking for a few days with a guy, having some laughs, & whatnot. He invited her to dinner tonight & they went to a rib place. They meet at the restaurant. The waitress came to get their drink order and he orders water; my friend ordered a soda.
She ordered ribs for dinner. When the waitress turned to him for his order, he said, “I’m not eating”. My friend was about to say “ WTF?” But she held her tongue. He said he might order dessert. He informed her that he’s got a severe allergy to MSG and can’t/doesn’t take the risk of eating at restaurants. Hello dumbass! Why would you ask her out to dinner then? And if you do indeed have an anaphylactic reaction to MSG, why don’t you just carry an epi-pen and live your life like a normal person?
She didn’t know what to say. Her dinner came. The conversation was just so-so. The real kicker for her was when he decided he couldn’t even drink the water there and pulled out a bottle of water from his back pocket. That was it for her. She paid her bill and left. Officially her worst date ever. Just goes to show that even thin girls have dating woes. It isn’t just bad for the big girls.

Please feel free to share your dating horror stories.

I’ve often thought of writing a book about my shitty dating life. Perhaps I will just make a blog about it.
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6 Responses
  1. Fat[free]Me Says:

    Good grief - weirdo!

  2. Linda Says:

    OMG that is terrible!

  3. jo Says:

    I'm so glad I am not in the dating world. That is just beyond comprehension.

    I see great potential for a website on Dating Horrors. Sadly.

  4. Melanie Says:


    You & me both girl! Dating is brutalllll. I'm so beyond glad to have Brent in my life. I've been divorced since 1995 & have plenty of horror stories of my own. I'll take Brent's bad with the good/great any day over having to jump back into that cesspool--very shallow pool with a bunch of genetically compromised fish if you ask me.

  5. You mean to tell me you don't carry a bottle of water in your pcoket?.......lol. I do not miss the dating scene....that's why I remain happily single!

  6. tisha Says:

    This guy probably didn't want to PAY THE BILL. What a dick. I will say that your friend will have to meet a few frogs before the prince comes along. My husband was date #9. We met on match.com so I'm a big advocate for it. Hopefully her next date will be worthy of her time and attention!! This is my first comment here Melanie...thanks for stopping by my blog today. ;)

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