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June 2, 2009
One of my big stresses of life right now is money. Last year I took a job that pays nearly $4/hr less than what I was making, the insurance is crappy which creates medical bills which I didn’t have at my other job, Brent is away so I’m back to a one income household for the time being, and the last kick in the teeth was my ex-husband moving out of state which means no more child support until he decides to get a job; he seems to be in no hurry to get that done.
Soooo that brings me to my job---due to some cuts and changes made in the health system, my department is starting to feel the heat. I think they (hospital administrators) are secretly working behind the scene to eliminate my department and send the patients to other hospitals to deliver their babies. Most of our patients are Medicaid patients and the hospital decided to stop taking the insurance that the OB/GYN doctors who come to our hospital take. We take the opposite Medicaid insurance than what the doctors take. Does that make any kind of sense? NO!! Every week we watch our census dwindle. Last week I was on call for 12 hours of my 36 hour work week which means I have to waste vacation time just to have a paycheck. Tonight I got put on call again for 8 hours this time. I don’t have any more vacation time to use as coverage for the missing hours. I’m just screwed for the time being. I can’t dwell on it; it makes me so anxious and gets my stomach in knots.
Over the weekend I was thinking of strategies for improving my life. In addition to what I’m doing for my physical health, I also need to work on my financial health as well. I decided that anytime I get put on call and lose work hours, I have to spend at least half of the lost hours doing something productive. I make jewelry, but haven’t done it in such a LONG time. I could be making jewelry pieces and selling them online. Will I make as much as I would at work? Probably not, but something is better than nothing, plus its fun. I can blog more and God knows I can exercise more. Plus I have lots of little projects around the house that I want to get done, but never seem to find the time. I need to make a master list and just start getting busy on completing them.
I got the call from work around 730pm telling me that I would be on call. I finished watching the TV program I was watching and then changed clothes. I put workout clothes on and headed over to the high school. I walked the track for a while. I only did 1 mile since it was getting close to dark. After the mile, I ran the bleachers a couple of times. That freaked me out a bit because they were wet from the rain & I thought I was going to slip and bust by butt. Plus my legs just aren’t conditioned for that kind of torture yet. I’ll need to build up to that too.
I feel good that I got out there and did something when I really wanted to be lazy. Could it be??? I might actually be learning to be a healthy person.
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