Dead bugg

After spending 1.5 hours on the phone with a bodybugg techie, it was indeed determined that I got a bum bodybugg device. They will be sending out a new one and extending my service another 60days for free. That's a good payoff for my inconvenience I suppose, but I really wanted to be using the bugg.
So this weekend was a complete bust when it came to exercising. I went to TN to visit my guy. I had fully intended on walking at the area state park hoping there would be shade in the "forest". Yeah well, I got back in my car at 3pm on Saturday. The temp gauge in my car said it was 105. Holy shit, it was hot. I was just thankful not to have been wearing shorts on the leather seats. It was too hot to be outside. I don't want to even think what the heat index was.
Friday evening was about the same although not quite as hot...just upper 90s. No walk for me that night either. I did pre-plan my food and took grilled chicken I cooked the night before as well as lots of veggies, yogurt, water, & fruit. I think I did fairly well with my intake while gone.

I'd like to say that I lost lots just by sweating my ass off while I was gone, but sadly as I look behind me, I can still see MY big 'ol behind. I do notice my jeans fitting a bit more loosely so that's cool.
Anyway, I'm back in Ohio where the temp is only in the 80s. I'm off to do something active & fun with my son.
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  1. Lisa Says:

    What is a body bug?

  2. Melanie Says:

    The Bodybugg is a device that is worn on your upper arm that records your physical activity & steps and then converts that information into a number of calories burned. Along with the BB purchase, you have access to the BB website where you can log all the food you've eaten for the day (I try to do it as I eat so I know if I'm staying on track). You upload the information from the armband and then it will give you information like what is listed in one of the other posts. Shows how many calories you've eaten, how many calories you've burned and your calorie deficit (hopefully). When you're setting it up, you pick a goal of x # of pounds you want to lose each week. Based on that, it will tell you how much of a calorie deficit you need to have each day to reach your goal.
    It sounds a bit complicated, but it's not really. I find it really fun and it kinda makes a little competition with myself.
    If you've ever watched The Biggest Loser show, this is what they're wearing on their arm.

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