Good things today

June 24, 2009

It's been such a good day so far. Besides the fact that I'm super tired from only sleeping 4 hours, it's been a good start for the day. I went to another OA meeting...mostly older women, but as usual, very good topics and useful information. I'm glad to have the structure and the avenue to address the emotional & psychological piece of overeating & food obsession.
It was reiterated about the concept of "One Day at a Time" or "Just for Today"....I will not eat compulsively or I WILL exercise x number of minutes. The concept is so simple, yet I often made my life harder than it really needs to be. Just for today I will take good care of my body!

Another good thing...I lost another pound making my total 9 now.
My bodybugg is up & running. I'm totally digging it! I love that it takes the brain work out of all the food calculations & exercise "guesstimates" of caloric expenditures. After wearing it since yesterday around 7pm, I do have to agree with others who have mentioned the arm fat pinching. Mine isn't so much that the band pinches my fat, but it's irritating my "bat wing". I'll just take that as a constant reminder to do arm exercises.

While I was at the OA meeting, I got a voicemail about interviewing for this casual position with the state. One of my friends that I used to work with is also doing this same job; she says it's a candy-ass job, but even those few hours a month will count towards my state retirement so I'm super stoked about getting that call.

And lastly, I tried that Green Monster Shake today...yum! It would have been better had I had the time to let it chill, but I was on my way out the door to that meeting so I drank it as is. It was good...looks weird, but I didn't taste the spinach at all. I'll be trying that again and mixing it up a bit; perhaps I'll try some strawberries in it next time.
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  1. Laurie Says:

    So glad you're enjoying your BB and the Green Monster. Yes, it is better a little on the frozen side.

  2. Rhonda Says:

    Congrats on the 9 pounds...good for you! I love Green Monsters! You can use frozen berries if you want it to be colder or throw in some ice. ;o)

    I would love to have a BB. Cannot afford that now though. Keep up the good work! Oh yeah, thanks for following me too! We can do this!

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