Dairy Queen is the Devil

July 12/13 2009

I worked Saturday night and ate breakfast/dinner around 2 or 3AM. I went home & went straight to bed without eating because I knew I was meeting my friend for dinner tonigh (Sunday). I needed to hear about her trip to Dallas-- same friend who had the bad date with the wacky dude who brought his own water. So I saved all my calories for this great meal. And it was GREAT. I had a very yummy garlic steak, baked potato, & steamed broccoli, water, & iced tea.
On the way home we decided to stop at DQ. OMG was that a bad idea. Had I looked at the nutrition information BEFORE we stopped, I wouldn't have gotten anything. We both got small cookie dough blizzards. SEVEN HUNDRED and 10 freaking calories. I looked all that info up while putting my food into the BB program. When I saw my results for the day, I quickly changed clothes and ran downstairs and hopped on the elliptical until midnight. I exceeded my caloric burn and food calorie consumption, but didn't reach my calorie deficit goal....all because of that damned blizzard.
No more blizzards or DQ for me. :o(
But, being healthy and in shape will feel better than that ice creams tastes.
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  1. Sara Says:

    Hey Melanie! Thanks for saying hi to my blog..I am checking yours out now and I'm definitely motivated so far by your dedication to exercise. Please keep it all up, I'm excited for you and it definitely will help others to see you working out hard. -Sara

  2. Dairy Queen is evil! You think it's not that bad - a little ice cream, but No! I remember before I lost all my weight (150 lbs) my hubby and I used to eat a huge restaurant dinner, and then drive across the street to DQ.

    The good thing is that you tracked it - and then exercised right away - right? Much healthier response than I used to have!

  3. DQ really is the devil. The sad thing is, it isn't even that good! Really, if I'm going to bust my diet why do it with fake ice cream? I've got expensive tastes now, I need Marble Slab. That's a once a month type treat.

  4. jo Says:

    Oh, Dairy Queen. UGH Sorry! Good job on exercising.

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