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July 1, 2009

Wow, July already. Unbelievable! That just goes to show how quickly time flies and more importantly that the future will come regardless of whether I’m doing something to improve my life or not. I’ve been on the trek for 2 months already and I feel like I’ve made little progress compared to changes I’ve accomplished in the past ---and let slip away. I’m staying focused though & eating what I need to eat, & moving my butt of f the couch.

Yesterday while my son was mowing the grass for the neighbor, I ran up to Marshall’s to check out the shoe situation as I’ve had my current running shoes for 2 years which is the last time I attempted this running “thing”. I normally wear a 6.5, but couldn’t find any decent shoes in my size. I did find a 7.5 which I almost bought. They were a tad big, but I thought for the price I would suck it up. With shoes in hand, I walked over to the kids section. I found a pair of Asics Gels for $25. Cha ching! There are only 2 small things about me---my feet and my wallet so this totally worked out well for me on both accounts. I think they’re pretty good looking too which is only a small factor since I only plan to wear these for working out; I really don’t care about the looks of them at this point.

When he was done mowing, my son & I played some tennis. The weather was great at 75 degrees, but it was a little bit windy for tennis. After that we went to the park for a walk on the nature trail. We didn’t do the long trail because I was breaking in the new shoes. I was afraid I’d be a mile into the walk and have blisters or something and have a torturous walk back to the car. My feet were a little sore, but no blisters.

For dinner I made small steaks, baked potatoes, and spinach salad. The spinach salad was gross, but I ate most of it anyway. I was trying to recreate this warm spinach salad I had at a restaurant in Chicago many years back. I wasn’t successful, not even by a long shot. I’ll keep working at it. I did eat a small dish of cherry vanilla ice cream too; I needed something to wash that gross salad taste out of my mouth.

I stayed up until 5am which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I need to get back on my night shift routine for work, but I got the munchies after midnight. I ate 2 pieces of rye toast with butter. Not the best move in the middle of the night, but it is what it is.

So I’m a bit irritated today as I’m STILL waiting on the freaking UPS label to be emailed to me. I called again today to see what the H is up with that. The guy now told me that there is a 24-48 hour wait for the work order ticket to get approved which just basically tells the moneybag people that the tech did everything possible and the Bugg is still non-functioning. He informed me that it was approved today. NOW there is another 24-36 hour wait for the UPS label email to get generated. I’m sorry, but that is total bullshit. When you pay that much money for a product, I expect it to work & if it doesn’t, I expect that they make it right darn near immediately. By the time this crap is said and done, I will have lost 2 complete weeks of using the Bodybugg. Why can’t they just send a new one out and if I don’t send the other back within 10 days of receiving my label, they can just charge the credit card for another Bodybugg unit. Is that so hard? I’m soooo not about delayed gratification and this is grating on my last nerve.

Eeeks, as I just wrote that last sentence, I’m thinking that might be a major contributing factor as to why I’m never successful with my weight loss efforts. I expect everything in the NOW. When I don’t see immediate results from my efforts and sacrifices, I have always given up. I’m going to have to explore that idea some more. I bet if I flip through my 12 step workbook for Overeaters Anonymous it’s addressed in there somewhere. Oh, so much work to do on this body and mind.

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