Jen's Challenge

July 15, 2009

Jen over at Jen@PriorFatGirl is having a "drink water only" challenge for the next 2 weeks & she's having a giveaway so check her out.

Because I'm obsessive the way I am, I weigh myself every day. My weigh-in yesterday was in the evening so I thought I would hop on the scale in the AM and see if it made a difference. It did!! I'm at an even 260 which makes it 12 pounds lost. That makes me feel much better because I feel like I've been kicking this fat's ass and it still refuses to leave. Maybe it's finally starting to get the message.

There will be no Bodybugg updates until I get my computer hiss. I'll have to be extra strict with my food intake just to be on the safe side.
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  1. Katie J Says:

    I will go check it out and GOOD JOB on the 12 lbs.

  2. Excellent job on the 12 pounds, that's a lot of weight to lose. Keep up the good work!

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