Great day

Today turned out to be a great day!! My interview was awesome. The lady was super nice. She said I should hear something fairly soon although I won't hold my breath as it's a state job. I'm expecting a snail's pace on that.
On the way home from the interview, I stopped at Kohl's to find a pair of shoes that my son wanted. Yeah, they had his size. DSW didn't; they had about 6 pairs of size 8. What man wears a size 8 shoes? Apparently not many or there wouldn't have been so many.

About 5 minutes after I got home, the UPS man showed up with my new Bodybugg. WooHooo. It came a day before projected. I hope it's done charging before I leave for my happy hour.

Then I was home about an hour and I got a phone call to interview at a hospital that is 40 minutes away. That will be a bitch of a drive especially in the winter, but I'll see what they have to say and what kind of money they'll willing to dish out.
I still have the interview at the end of next week. Now I should call Ohio State, see if I can interview Wednesday, and if I can get my old job back just to round out the interviewing/job choices.

God is GOOD.

I wore a pair of dress casual Dockers to the interview and actually wore a belt with them. That's a first I've worn a belt in quite a while. The pants fit better now than when I bought them. I was feeling good about that so I decided to try on my size 20 jeans. I can get them on now AND zipped, but they aren't fit for public viewing yet. It was camel toe city and they make my butt look flat. Ten or 15 more pounds and they might be ok.
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