August 25, 2009

It's 115am & I just got home from the high school track. I did it, I did it, I did it....finally. Last Monday I did W2D1 of C25K and I couldn't finish all the running intervals. The rest of last week I never made it back to the track, but did practice the intervals on my elliptical. I don't count those days as actually doing the C25K because I don't know how many strides-per-minute equal walking vs running etc.

Tonight I ran every single second of every running interval. OMG, I feel so accomplished. I am actually making progress & it shows. I'm loving it.

Monday I wore a pair of jeans that I realized I can remove without undoing the button or unzipping them. Does anyone want a free pair of jeans? They're from Lane Bryant. If you're familiar with their updated sizing with the number and color system, the jeans are size 5/blue/short. That's equivalent to a size 22 petite; I think they'd be an appropriate length for someone up to 5'4". They're a dark wash color. Send me a message if you want them.

Below is my Bodybugg calorie burn for the C25K walk/run I just completed. That's an insane calorie burn. Sixteen calories/per minute for some of those minutes. Holy crap!

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  1. Laurie Says:

    WAY TO GO!!! I know how accomplished you must feel completing that! So proud of you! Keep it up! :)

  2. 266 Says:

    Congrats on doing all the intervals and on the baggy jeans. Both are huge accomplishments!

  3. Fat[free]Me Says:

    I just love the C25K programme - it is really good for giving you some tangible goals (and results) apart from food, food, food and it does help with weight loss too!


  4. That is just so wonderful! You should be super proud of yourself!

  5. Katie J Says:

    You are ROCKIN it lady and I LOVE it! Woohoo! It is possible and you proved it.

  6. Shelley Says:

    Fantastic on doing the interval running - I am so impressed and inspired! Great job!!!

  7. "4 oz" Says:

    Congrats on the fab workout! Keep it up! I bet those jeans were a great motivator! =)

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