Thank you Katie J

...for the Lovely Blog Award

I follow lots of great blogs so it's hard to choose just 15. A special THANK YOU to Katie J for all her kind comments and support.

Here are the ones I nominate this time around:

1. Losing Waist--I love all the brutal honesty that you write about & share with us.
2. Confessions of a +Sized Girl--Monica, you need a little pick-me-up
3. Less of Lisa---Lisa,you'll get through this rough spot.
4. Escape from Obesity
5. Fat Girl Dives In
6. Jenn Prior Fat Girl--you're always an inspiration
7. 282.5
8. Jack Sh*t--always good for a boost and a laugh
9. A Forty Something's Weight Loss Journey
10. 4oz
11. From Fat to Fab
12. Bigger Than My Body
13. Diamond Motivation
14. Thru Thick & Thin
15. Shrinky-Dinky

Thanks to everyone for all the comments. Your support means a lot to me.
7 Responses
  1. Lyn Says:

    Thank you :) You're so sweet to think of me!

  2. Sara Says:

    Aw..YAY! thanks so much. i cannot wait till that weight belt can be fastened, and then when it's so loose it drops down to your ankles!

  3. 266 Says:

    Congratulations on your award!

  4. Crys Says:

    Thank you so much for thinking of me. For some reason I'm never able to get to your but today I was able to access it and I'm glad I did because clearly I've been missing out! I love it! Thanks so much for the award!:)

  5. jo Says:

    Thank you! I am honored! =)

  6. Another "Grandmother's Choice" award? Excellent! I'm going to wallpaper my guest bathroom with this one...

  7. Tammy Says:

    I just found the time to go through the new followers on my list and check out their blogs. I didn't realize you gave me an award!!! Thank you so, so much...I'm so excited!! I'm going back through some of your posts and trying to catch up to where you are now. Looking forward to reading daily. I'm signing up as a follower!

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