Interesting twist on motivation....

but I think I'll pass on this one. I found this on

Lose Weight, Money, And Self-Respect With!

As if trying to lose weight wasn’t demoralizing enough, a new website called also embarrasses you and takes your money if you fail to shed the pounds. The website’s motto is, “Lose weight or else.” Basically, when you sign up, you tell the site how much weight you want to lose and give yourself a deadline. Then you bet a bunch of money that you can do it. If you drop the weight, the money is yours. But, if you don’t drop the pounds, the dough goes to a person or group you hate—like an ex, an annoying coworker, or an evil organization. Apart from losing money, “Flaabers” can also concoct another awful punishment for themselves if they fail. One girl vowed she would publish her phone number on the site and beg people to call and harass her. Someone else swore if they didn’t lose 30 pounds they’d give up sex for a month.

So what do you think—is this a good way to give people motivation, or is this totally twisted? []
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  1. Fat[free]Me Says:

    Sounds completely stupid - it wouldn't work for me, the motivation has to come from within really! But whoever thought it up has a funny sense of humour, lol.

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