Kicked butt Tuesday

August 12, 2009

Here are my Bodybugg stats for the past 3 days. I'm dreading tomorrow because it's supposed to be lower body weights along with cardio. I'm sooo sore from Monday still.

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  1. Laurie Says:

    Wow!! Those are great deficits! Keep up the hard work!

  2. jo Says:

    I always worry about getting the strength training in (and I don't) but at my weight, I get sore muscles from doing the cardio. I keep telling myself every time I lift my leg, I am lifting weights. lol

    Good luck on your workout, hope it doesn't make you too sore.

  3. Shelley Says:

    I hear ya on the workout dread - this week was a killer for me for all three days, and I really didn't want to go today. But I did, and I got through it, and I'm still sore - but it's done. I'm sure I'll be glad I did in a couple of days! Good luck tomorrow!

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